Special Machining

Based on the tool production knowledge, AQ Anton established the special machining division (SMD) in 2002. Equipped with special processes, the activity serves a major part of the international OEM customer base in the energy and aerospace industry segment. Since the beginnings, large volumes of experience have been accumulated in the hard to machine, nickel-based super alloys, machined by conventional (milling, grinding, forging, turning, welding …) and unconventional (EBW, EDM) technologies.

The division has developed a special documentation, quality management, metrology and monitoring system suiting the energy and aerospace industry special needs. We are able to comply with high-level quality and safety regulations. Process stability is insured via especially elaborated control procedures and continuous statistical assessments.

Our special machining division is equipped with advanced MES system, modern measurement tools and certified for different quality standards.



Complete Solution

Using the synergy between our divisions AQ Anton can provide flexible solution from tool design through prototypes to serial production. In addition to production, we offer engineering consultancy services and participation in customer NPI as well. You can reduce your risk by putting your project to one hand at AQ Anton.


We are capable for machining of gas turbine parts with self-developed equipments and technologies designed especially for customer requirements. We are operating more than 50 self-developed and manufactured machines (EDM, Laser ablation, FPI, Airflow). We own several special processes like drill trough coating, 3D precision laser ablation, superalloy forging and other patented features.

Gas Turbine HGP

AQ Anton processing thousands of tons of nickel based materials from each major industrial brands like Hastelloy, René, Inconel, Nimonic, FSX, GTD. We machine superalloys with our self-developed tools, machines and processes. Our deep knowledge makes us one of the best EDM supplier of the world in the gas turbine hot gas path part machining.