We provide wide variety of technologies to our demanding customers on the small, medium, large and aero derivative industrial gas turbine markets. Based on our strong R&D activity several niche processes available at AQ Anton. We work together with our customers to improve engine efficiency and performance. We have decades of experience in the hard to machine nickel-based super alloys, using conventional and non-conventional technologies. We are strategic supplier of the world largest OEMs in the gas power generation market. Several industry-specific certifications proving our capabilities.


– Gas turbine hot gas path parts (stator, rotor)
– Blades, Vanes, Nozzles, Shields
– Gas turbine combustion parts
– TBC coated parts
– Fuel nozzles
– Tooling (internal)


– EDM Fasthole
– EDM Sinking
– Electron Beam Welding
– 3D Laser ablation
– Milling
– Grinding
– Hot Forging
– Airflow