AQ Anton Kft. is an engineering company active in the areas of tooling, plastic parts production and special machining. In 1990, the Company was established as a small private enterprise producing and repairing small-size tools. Year 1992 witnessed the transformation of the firm into a limited company then the next year brought the installation of the first moulding machine. 1999 was a year of expansion: the construction of the first production hall with a surface area of 2 200 m2 at the part of the current site. The Company plays a pioneering role in Hungary by bringing in the technologies of multi-component tool production and injection moulding.

In 2002 the special machining division was established with the aim of manufacturing parts of nickel-based raw materials for the energy industry. Plastic production developed into an independent division in 2004. The second production workshop with a production area of 4 800 m2 was built with the objective of processing more than 1500 tons of engineering plastics by injection moulding. The production area has been expanded to 12 000 m2 by new investments since 2008. Customers are served by in-house developer team from the phase of design. From 2015 November the company had acquired by AQ Group AB and continues its activities on the same base, with 430 employees.

In addition to the quality certificates of the customers, Anton has an integrated quality management system compliant with standards ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, ISO/TS 16949:2009, AS 9100 Rev C. The company processes are based on ERP system. Clients are major large companies operating in the energy, automotive and electric industrial segments.

In the period that has passed since the establishment, Anton has been honoured by several prizes from customers and the professional organisations for the innovative solutions and stable production and business activities. The firm management is committed to stability and continuous development.